Friday, July 19, 2013

Life lately

Four months? Really? You have to be kidding me. Where did those four month go? Or the last seven, for that matter. When did it get to be July already?

Seems like I am missing a few things lately. My annual family photo books? Not even started. And it is, well, July. And it's not just doing the books, it's also the material. Sometimes weeks pass before I pick up my camera again. This blog? Oh, please.

Something's gotta give.

With my not-so-new anymore job (that was last October), more and more things just drop of the list. Get postponed and then just sort of lost. Why is it so hard to start something again once you have stopped, for whatever reason? And why is it all the fun things get dropped?

Don't get me wrong, I love that job, I really do. There are weeks when it's absolutely completely insane, but I still love it. It's just that all the other things need attention, too. You know, things like grocery shopping, errands, laundry and oh, cleaning the house. Taxes, filing papers, paying bills. And my brain happens to shut itself off at 8pm latest. Can't process a single thought anymore. Trust me, I've tried

I've been thinking about this lately though. (before 8pm, obviously)

Apparently I need my fun back.

That means that something else will have to give. Some things I simply won't do. Some things my boys will have to help. Cleaning is a family activity now, and that is a good thing because it goes much faster if I don't have to do it all by myself. Not sure my boys agree to that yet, but hey...

So anyway, looking through my (not even sifted through and edited, yikes!) photos, this is a little glimpse into what we've been up to lately:

Little brother learned to ride his bike. After starting his training bike last year and being familiar with the pedals from riding his go-cart, I thought he'd be at this much sooner. But he simply wouldn't let go. It was plain to see he could easily do it, but he just didn't trust it. I really do hope he doesn't come after his mommy in that respect! Geez. Once he got the hang of it though, he was determined to also set off on his own, not needing to give him that initial push. Didn't take him long - something big brother had taken much longer to learn once he rode his bike. Go figure!

Summertime! After a long winter the garden seemed to take forever to grown and bloom. Once it did though, it really did.

Planting seeds for a school project - and then planting some more because little brother wanted them, too. "It's not fair, mommy!" Right. That's they're most favorite complaint lately: "Not fair!" Guess they're gonna have to get used to some of it...

We planted cucumber, radishes and pumpkin. And sunflowers, but they refused to grow. Oh well.

Early summer tradition: Making elderflower syrup. After last year's batches were gone far too soon, we made some more this year. Maybe some of it will last long enough to be a Christmas present? Summer's scent in the middle of winter. Like strawberry jam. Elderflower and strawberry is almost the same season, and it's way too short. 

Water battles with daddy - a favorite pastime when it gets really hot. 

Taking a break and having some iced coffee. Recently decided I love iced coffee. Nothing fancy, just a hot brewed fresh shot of espresso over half a glass of ice cubes, some simple syrup and milk. Not only does it taste good - sometimes it's the only way to get through the afternoon without falling asleep mid-sentence!

Someone getting new glasses! Of course they had to be green. We agreed on a pair that is black outside and the brightest green possible on the inside. Fine with me.

Big brother also had his first guitar concert. Well, a tiny little one, playing two songs in front of a handful of people, but still. He was nervous, but he did a great job.

Sneak peek at our latest project. That wildflower field you see there? That is our new backyard-in-progress. This is the before shot, and quite some things have been done since. Of course even more remain... oh well.

So there you go, a brief update of sorts. Yeah I know. Lots of pictutes. What? You thought I wouldn't post for four months and then let you get away with three or four photos? Nah. After all, who knows when I'll get around to this again... Kidding. Hopefully.

So hey, it's nice to be back.

Talk to you soon!