Saturday, February 18, 2012

{kid craft} Ocean in a bottle

Remember when I started this weekly kid craft thing in January and proposed to make ideas from the book that I got? Yeah. Well. Somehow I always get sidetracked by the things I see on other blogs or Pinterest. Like this week. Recovering from a really busy week and with carnival and everything going on, I needed something quick and simple. Then I found this.

All you need to make your little ocean is an empty bottle (or two), some water, food coloring (actually had to get some more blue because of these), simple oil such as sunflower, and something to live in your newly created little waterworld. Fish are nice but I couldn’t find any tiny plastic fish and finally decided to give up and use what I have instead. I’ve been trying to do that a lot lately. In this case, I had tiny sea shells. Don’t ask me where they came from, I think I bought them on vacation, but I’m not even sure. Anyhow. I also added a little glitter, because that never hurts and also I love using glitter without it getting messy.

So, fill your bottle about halfway with water and have your kids add some drops of blue food coloring. Close and shake to make sure you got the perfect blue.

Then add glitter and your ocean inhabitants.

Finally, add oil. I tried to glue the caps on but it wouldn’t work so I simply let the kids play with these where I could keep an eye on them. They made waves….

And tried mixing it, switching the bottle up and down.

And just had fun with it. Not sure what I’m going to do with these or how long they keep, so this is probably not such a green project. Especially since I don’t usually buy plastic bottles. Oh well. Sometimes I just can’t worry about everything.

Happy crafting!


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