Sunday, February 26, 2012

{the simple things} homework

Big brother is going to school this year. I'm still sort of in denial. My baby, going to school? Really?

Meanwhile, his preschool does sort of practice lessons every Wednesday, and they get homework.

It's not so much about what they do and they don't get more than stickers for getting it right, it's simply to practice doing homework on a regular basis, remembering to take it home, get it done in time and taking it back to preschool on the right day. He loves doing it and has gotten much better about coloring in the lines and cutting things out.

He's supposed to do it all by himself, but our cat can't help but supervise a little.

Little brother usually does some "homework" too and has recently graduated from coloring books to actually doing little activity pages.

Trying to find all the round shapes in those tiny stamp details.

Trying to find out if you can erase crayons.

We all don't really like coloring books, but I'm usually happy about anything that keeps little brother occupied a bit so big brother can focus on his homework. Now, little brother could of course play with those toys they usually fight about, but somehow those seem to suddenly turn boring as soon as homework comes out. Sigh.

And, as with the paper lanterns, tongue sticking out is vital when trying to concentrate.

At some point the head gets heavy, too. Luckily he's almost done!

I still can't believe he'll be going to school soon (well, August actually). Oh, my.

Now tell me, what was the most important thing you taught your kids before they went to school? And how do you keep little brothers busy?

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Happy Sunday!


  1. Your boys' concentration is priceless! Love the tongue sticking out! So hard for us Mamas, too, when we start to realize our babies aren't babies anymore *sigh*.

  2. Such a sweet series of photos! I love how you captured them so closely.

    Big brothers and sisters are a great inspiration ;)

  3. Sweet glimpse into something so simple yet beautiful!

  4. I am completely in the same situation with my two boys...the big brother is in preschool and the little one wants to do anything he does. Love all the pictures and cute expressions you captured :)

  5. these photos are so sweet Swenja! :)

  6. I think you will treasure these photos in the years to come. Sweet memories.


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