Friday, February 24, 2012

{kid craft} Simple paper lanterns

Just in case I didn't mentioned it often enough, next week is little brother's birthday. So we made some simple paper lanterns. I'm sure you've seen this before or made them before so you won't need a tutorial. But I haven't made these in ages and had forgotten how much fun they were!

We started with some papers in the party colors. Yellow happens to also be little brother's favorite. >ou just fold the sheet in half lengthwise and then either just cut slits from the folded side, not cutting all the way through. Or you draw lines and have your kids practice cutting on the lines. Little brother loved that and was very good at cutting just to the end of the line. For about four lines or so. Then he handed it over to me: "You do the rest. OK, mommy?".

Big brother also cut along his lines.

Apparently that goes much better with the tongue sticking out!

So this is what you're left with.

Now simply glue the ends and you're done. As you can see, I did that. Because my kids were already upstairs playing.

They are sort of addictive. So I made a few. And some more.

Here's the lineup ready for the party!

At night just place a jar and a small candle in them and enjoy. I know I did.

So what's supposed to be a kid craft post sort of turned into a kids-started-mommy-finished-it post. Oh well.

Any other suggestions for party decorations kids can make?


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  1. OH I remember these! Excellent!!! Super cute, they turned out great...!


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