Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quick question

I need your help here. You see, the other day, while having my brain turned off to auto-pilot and therefore mindlessly surfing the net and catching up with blog reading, I came across this post from TheKitchn, featuring ceramic storage containers.

I don't usually read the marketplace posts since most stores are US only anyway, but here I couldn't resist the image. Clicking through I found out these beauties here were from Sagaform. Quick research revealed there are also available in Germany.

Normally I would have added them to my wish list.

But in this case I just ordered them (told ya my brain was on auto-pilot).

Now, problem is, where do I put them? Originally I thought I'd put my tea in them and keep them next to the stove, where I usually keep my teapot.

But then they would also be perfect for flour. And sugar. And homemade vanilla sugar.

And they would look really, really nice next to my beloved stand mixer.

See what I mean?

Now, I could ask my husband. But we all know he'll just look at me like I'm crazy and that there are probably more important things I should be thinking about (he might just be right).

So I'm asking you guys. Next to the stove in plain sight whenever I walk into my kitchen or next to the mixer for keeping easy access to baking staples because I do bake a lot?

Of course I could just get another one. Although this time it will really have to be waiting on my wish list.


Happy weekend,


  1. I vote for practicality... right next to the mixer. My ceramic containers of flour and sugar are on the other side of the kitchen from the mixer, and every time I am whipping up a batch of bread dough I think to myself, "This location doesn't make sense!" Maybe having them near each other would encourage you to bake even more, too.

    BTW, I LOVE your wooden countertops. Do you find they are trouble with water spots leaving stains? I want them! What type of wood are they?

    1. Yeah I think I agree. They look a littler nicer all lined up, but I also need the space there as that is the main landing spot for dirty dishes going to the dishwasher. So I think flour and sugar it is! Who knows, I might finally manage to take up baking my own bread?! (btw, which recipe do you use? Does anyone in the US use real, i.e. fresh yeast? All recipes I see call for active dry yeast, whatever that is)

      Anyhow. I love my countertops, too :) They're plain old Ikea, because ever other kitchen store we walked in greeted us with an "But wood countertops are SO old fashioned! Nobody does real wood anymore, really". Uh, yeah, well, Ikea does. Mine are oak and I love them. I had beech in my previous kitchen but needed something less red this time. Love the oak! We've had it for 2 1/2 years now and just redid (sand and re-oil) it once. Oiling it every now and then helps it stay nice and smooth and also means no water stains at all. Except maybe right around the sink, but that is to be expected. The only stains I ever had were from red wine. But I do keep a large cutting board/butcher block type of thing (Ikea, too) right on top of my main work surface and do the messy things there - cutting bread, pureeing raspberries, chopping carrots.

      You can basically set down hot pots everywhere without worry. But what I love most is that I have an open kitchen so looking from my living/dining room I see wood and not this strange reflection that the fake countertops have when you look at a certain angle from a distance.

      Any of this make sense to you? :)


  2. well... I actually collect these sorts of cute-storage solutions since I try to not use plastic. So, risking probably being of NO help at all, I would probably say, go for the flour, sugar and homemade vanilla option(homamade vanilla!!!!!! are you serious? can I have one of you to go please?!!!!) and THEN little by little start collecting other cute storage options made out of glass, vintage ceramic (i love it when they have that old feel to them, chipped off at the edge, etc)and start a storage craze! (of course my kitchen and my personality might be a bit too colorful and crazy... but I love mixing, matching and vintaging!) Have a beautful Sunday!!!!

  3. I like them by the mixer for flour and sugar etc...they are great, nice kitchen!!!


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