Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sewing a changing pad. First time.

No idea what ever happened this past month. Where did June go? I know I was busy but for some reason I didn't really make any progress on my sewing projects. Oh well. I did however finish two projects for a friend's birthday, and I was in so much of a hurry that I'm just going to blame that for the poor quality of the photos. You'll just have to use your imagination here. Ready?

What I wanted to do was a simple reversible bag like the ones I did before (using this free tutorial), but this time add a changing pad and case for some diapers and wipes. Because my friend is pregnant with her third, and as we all know, that means she's busy. So for those mornings when you just run out to get the big kids to preschool/school and don't want to bring a full diaper bag, this should be enough to cover the basics.

I ended up using this tutorial here. I'll be honest, I just fell in love with the elephant fabric. What I used though was some floral fabric I had on hand because it happened to match the leftover fabric I had from sewing my oilcloth Easter baskets - which are actually made from an Ikea tablecloth. The only thing I did buy was some brown bias tape.

The tutorial is great and so, so easy. Since both of my fabrics were rather thin, I used a cut up mattress protector from Ikea's children's department in the middle, sewed all the way around through all three layers and then adding the bias tape in a second step. It might not be perfect, but I love it.

One side of the changing pad is the washable, wipeable tablecloth, the other one regular fabric, matching the bag. The pouch is made from the same fabric with some contrasting brown fabric for the little pocket that the changing pad slips into.

The bag itself uses the same fabrics, and since it's reversible she'll be able to stuff something less than clean in there or turn it inside out to be carried around in less than perfect weather (not that we ever get that here in Germany, mind you).

Other than a few orders for sun hats and some little ties I want to make for my boys to wear to their uncle's wedding this summer, this will pretty much be it in terms of sewing for a while. I have so many photos to catch up with and edit, put into my photo books... oh, and right, it's summer. Time to be spent outside...

Any sewing projects you finished lately?


  1. What a clever (and useful) project! I have a long list of un-tackled sewing projects lately...but you're inspiring me to get on them!

  2. super suess und erst dachte ich natuerlich du bist vielleicht selber schwanger ;)


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