Sunday, July 1, 2012

{embrace the camera} family sunday part 1: tractors

I really loved participating in embrace the camera for the first time a few weeks ago (thank you for all the sweet comments!), and I really want to do this more often. I even got a remote for my camera, thinking I'd do some everyday or creative shots while the kids were at preschool. Oh well. I didn't really have much spare time recently.

Anyhow, since today was a busy family Sunday with both the annual local tractor pulling event (it's loud, it involves dirt and tractors - of course my boys love that! All three of them...) and an open house in little brother's brand-new preschool. Of course I take my camera with me on days like that.

Except this time I was pretty determined to just hand it to my dearest and ask for a few pictures of mommy, too. And I did. And he took some pretty good ones. Oh, and I took a few photos today, too. You l know, just a couple hundred or so.

Here's the first batch from the tractor pulling event. Yeah, I know. We live in the countryside, what can I say... We did have a really great time though.

My men watching big machines making lots of noise and smoke.

Did I mention smoke?

Little brother was too busy and mesmerized to even talk. He could have stayed there all day.

The brothers.

And this isn't even a really big tractor... Oh my.

There was a carousel, too. With a race car. That came pretty close to the tractors, but not quite. Notice his chubby little finger pushing the horn. All. the. time.

We had a great Sunday morning!

More photos to follow next week - including mommy getting face painting just like her boys (for the record I was a cat. Meow.) . Stay tuned...

Off to check out some of the other entries this week and so excited to participate again!


  1. oh da freu ich mich aber schon auf deine Katzenbilder ;) Sieht aus als hätten deine Männer super viel spass gehabt. LG

  2. Lovely embrace pictures--and what a fun day, especially for little boys!


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