Sunday, July 8, 2012

{the simple things} summer blossoms

Every year I forget how lush my garden gets once summer is here. It looks so bleak in the winter, and even worse when you cut the perennials back and take out all the dead leaves in the spring. There's so much space in between the plants. The geranium and catnip are barely visible, just tiny, tiny green leaves peaking from underneath last year's cut-back brown stems. The grasses are a sad mess and I always have to resist the urge to go out and buy new plants to fill in the gap.

At first, the daffodils come and fill the gaps. Then the white catnip and geraniums (I have a about seven different kinds and I love the all) show and start to bloom. The grasses get taller and greener again.

And all of a sudden, it's summer. The roses are in full bloom. The oleander come back from the greenhouse where they were all winter. The lavender, gaura, hemerocallis, alchemilla... everything gets huge all of a sudden. There is not an inch of space in any flower beds, they are overflowing.

Every year I remind myself I really don't need any more plants.

What are your garden favorites at this time of year or any other?

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Happy Sunday!


  1. Your garden looks amazing...I don't have one at all, so these are just incredible to me! Especially having it hard to keep roses?

  2. Beautiful pictures! My favorite our peonies. Right now our vegetables are coming in and our butterfly bush and day lilies have the bugs coming, which we love!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment. Yeah, the weather is awful but my girl likes to play in it!! So.. it's ok ^_^
    Hope you have a great week!

  4. Very pretty! I always say I don't need more flowers, and then I buy them anyway. LOL

    Jamie @

  5. Beautiful pictures,love the cream rose :)

  6. Beautiful pics! I LOVE gardening, but my knockout roses are pretty much all that survived the abandonment my newborn caused:)

  7. I love "the season of the rose." They bloom here in abundance every June, both wild and cultivated, and I drink them in before the July heat causes them to fade. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  8. someday, i'm going to have a lush garden. yours looks lovely. i'm a sucker for hydrangeas. any and all of them.

  9. Oh my- I adore that second one. I have a weak spot for ruffly petals.

  10. Wunderschöne Rosen. Meine sind leider fürs erste verblüht, aber ich hoffe auf eine zweite Blüte!
    Viele liebe Grüße

  11. These pictures take my breath away!
    Sadly, all my flowers are languishing after a couple of weeks of punishing, scorching heat. They're alive but they look a little sad.


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