Saturday, January 21, 2012

{kid craft} Sock puppets

It was a busy week, so we ended up doing our weekly craft on Friday. Last week big brother had his toe peeking out from one of his socks, so naturally we had to do sock puppets.

Well, I was going to do sock monsters. I figured the kids could be creative and it wouldn't really matter if anything ended up crooked or not quite perfect, because that just makes monsters all the cuter. I had mini pompons, lots of buttons and all sorts of felt. Even yellow.

So here are our, uhm, cats.

What we ended up making was sock cats. Of course. Yeah, I know, looks more like a very silly fox, but the kids don't care and proudly run around the house meowing. So if you have a stray sock or a pair with a hole in them, here's what to do:
Gather your supplies.
I had felt, buttons, pompons, squiggly eyes, felt wool, yarn, cotton wool
and of course glue, scissors, cardboard, a pencil.
First of all, have the kids trace their feet on a piece of cardboard.
I usually save pieces of packaging for this purpose.
This doesn't have to be exact and tracing around slippers works just fine.

Cut the shapes out.
Glue the cardboard to the INSIDE of your sock's sole.
This makes the base for the mouth. 
Turn sock right side out.
Cut out a similar shape of felt and glue in place as mouth.

Add some eyes. I wanted button eyes, but the boys had other plans.

Then cut out shapes for ears or whatever decoration your creature needs,..

We made pointy ears and cut a small slit at the base,
so we could fold in back, pinch it together and glue it to the sock
so that it would curve a little.

Looks like a rabbit if you ask me.

We added some yarn as wiskers. I actually
sewed that on, and added a button as nose on top.

Oh, and a tongue. Meow!
They kiss.

And bite!

We also added some cotton wool to the inside, making the cats a bit puffier. I still think they look like a strange cross between a fox and a rabbit,  but oh well. You could add teeth, antennas or whatever else suits your creature of choice.


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