Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simple DIY bunting stamp

There are a million great tutorials out there on how to make stamps, and one day I'd really like to try some of them.

Meanwhile, we have quite a few birthdays coming up, and I needed something now to make simple birthday cards. So if you have five minutes, some craft foam (Germany: Moosgummi. You know, that stuff in the kids craft set you never use because the colors are so ugly), a cork, scissors and some glue, you could do the same.

Just cut out a longish triangle for your bunting out of the craft foam. I actually did several to use with different colors ink without having to always clean the stamp. Glue two of each together to make the stamp a bit higher, then glue that sandwiched triangle to a cork or piece of cork. Let dry.

That was easy, now wasn't it? So, now add your bunting triangles one by one, let dry and draw some string by hand.

The BBQ grill stamp I bought here (one of my favorite shops) and the BBQ sauce recipe I posted Friday. I'm planning to do the invitations for little brother's birthday party with the bunting, too. And I got the cutest dog stamp for that. I mean, who am I kidding, I can do a triangle, but a dog? I leave that to the pros! Can't wait to show you.

For now I'm off to bake cakes, clean the house and do general birthday party preparations.

Happy stamping & have a great weekend,


  1. OK, this is seriously fabulous.
    Where have you been all my life with the crafts that I can actually do??
    But can't think of myself.
    We are going to make these and use them for our valentines in some way, shape or form.
    Thanks for the insiration!!
    Love from,

  2. This is sweet!!! I just found you because you left a well thought comment (i love those sorts of comments!) on my blog. I love visiting and finding sweet new blogs to come back to and support... following you Swenja! Keep up all the lovliness!


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