Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Doll Armoire for Tomorrow's Daddies

Doll armoire? Really? Doesn't she have two boys?

Actually, I do. And these little boys recently adopted dolls. My mom dug out this ancient doll while cleaning out here closet. Big brother adopted it and started carrying it around. Little brother felt a bit left out. Then my mom picked up a very similar (and also very ancient but at least not as discolored) doll at a charity fleamarket. Little brother adopted that one.

They're both called "PĆ¼ppi". My mom's to blame for that. Sometimes big brother calls his doll Fiona, which is the name of his best preschool girlfriend. Or they simply call them "Baby". 

My husband rolled his eyes when they first showed up. I thought it would pass in a week or two.

Well, it didn't. And so I ordered new clothes for them because what they came with was even uglier than the dolls themselves and my sewing skills are far from making tiny doll's clothing. The first part arrived Wednesday (yep, there's more to come!). It's all vintage and a little bit too big, but I like it anyway. The boys do, too.

So where to put all that vintage fashion? Hmmm.... With the holidays just over and two birthdays coming up there's no shortage of boxes here. Occasionally the cats sleep in them, so there was this box sitting on the dining room table (classy, I know).

Of course I didn't have any paint around for the kids to paint the outside and there was none to be bought anywhere close (told you we live in the middle of nowhere). But I did have some old self adhesive paper in a pretty floral pattern and some knobs leftover from another project.

So I cut the short flaps from the box, using one of them as a shelf. The longer flaps are the doors.

Covered it all in the contact paper (don't look to close, I'm horrible at this sort of thing), installed the shelf and added the doorknobs. That was about as much as I got done before the boys snagged it up and but the doll's new clothes in. Which was fine since I had to go make dinner, anyway.

Eventually I'll add a rod and make some hangers out of cardboard maybe. Or attached the doorknobs properly. Oh well. For now it serves its purpose just fine. I guess that's the advantage of having doll daddies: they're not really picky...

Oh, and I bought this a used stroller. It's yellow. And really ugly. But at least it's not pink. I guess that's as good as it gets. If the rain here ever stops long enough for me to get out with both kids, their dolls, the new stroller and my camera I'll show you.

We're also working on a doll bed, but I'm not done yet. 

Any other little boys out there playing with dolls?



  1. very cute. SO creative. I would love to do that armoire for my daughter's doll.
    Where do you get your vintage doll clothing.

    1. Hi Yamila,

      oh thank you :) I'm sure yours will look really nice - as I said I can't cut a straight line let alone cover a box without any bumps or creases... Oh well.

      I got mine over Dawanda, that's an online marketplace for all things handmade and vintage, much like Etsy. They also have an English language site (there's a button up right I think):

      Hope that helps!


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