Saturday, January 14, 2012

{the simple things} Feels like Spring

Today we finally got some sunshine. I almost forgot what that looks like. It's still Winter, but with the mild temperatures and the sunshine it feels like Spring.

It certainly looks like Spring, too, you just have to look closely.

A tiny wild violet

Hey there, you're about two months early!

More tiny weeds blossoming.

Blue skies - finally!

Lots of puddles left from all the rain.

More weeds...

That's an image I would usually get in Spring.


Love the fuzz on this weed.

Wild chamomille. Crazy.

Now that's more of a Winter photo!

Muddy boots - time to go home.

It's really been a strange winter. After two years of snow and icy temperatures, this winter we've got lots and lots of rain. And then some more rain. Obviously we've also had very mild temperatures, otherwise it would have been lots of snow.

I took my camera and went across a field today. At first I thought there wouldn't be much to take pictures of. The sky was blue, but the trees are all bare and it's basically all brown. Turns out you just have to look closer.

I will be linking up with Rebecca for simple things sunday. Yeah I know, it's only Saturday, but little brother is sick and I have to make the most of the time he does sleep. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Hope you have a great Sunday,


  1. Beautiful shots. I'm ready for spring ;)

  2. It really does feel like Spring, doesn't it? I keep wondering when Winter is coming. And then I sort of hope it does NOT come : ) I don't like driving in the snow but it sure is pretty, isn't it?

    1. Absolutely, been the same over here! The kids would love snow, after two snowy winters they can't understand why it's just raining. But if you ask me, I don't really need it now that Christmas is over... But who knows, we've had snow in April before!

  3. I miss spring light. Your pics are lovely.


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