Sunday, January 29, 2012

{the simple things} Meow

I know I posted photos of my cat before. But I can't help it, he's just so cute. And unlike my other cats, he seems to love the camera.

Trying some in b&w again today.

cleaning up those muddy paws

still wet but a lot cleaner already...

sometimes his nose is bright pink, sometimes more pastel colored

I do believe there is something else living in this cat. The way he looks at me, he can't be "just" a cat.

Linking with Rebecca over at the simple things sunday. Yay for one month of simple things completed! Can't wait to share more next month.

Happy Sunday,


  1. Thank you for checking out my post today! I'm pretty new to having my blog "out there" for strangers to see so it's nice to hear positive feedback! Your cat is adorable. I love how you were able to capture his eyes and fur. What equipment do you use (camera, lens, etc)?

  2. he is so sweet! love that last shot so much!! :)

  3. beautiful photos! he looks like such a sweet cat!! you capture him so beautifully!!

  4. Beautiful photos. Cats sure have a different kind of soul.


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