Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{kid craft} Birthday cards

With all those birthdays recently, we had to do birthday cards. We simply used the watercolors while we were doing the watercolor bunting. The resulting pictures were left to dry for a few days and then we framed them.

Big brother painting a birthday cake. Because, of course, that's what you need for birthdays.

Switching colors.

And in case you didn't notice, it's a chocolate cake with cherry topping and candles. Blue candles.

Little brother has to try one, too!

And it actually looks like a cake with candles. Sort of.

Big brother made another one since he needed two cards. Love the candle dropping off the cake!

Once it was all dry, we matted the paintings and wrote the card. At least the important parts of it: to daddy.

And the other one for his uncle.

All done and quite proud of himself.

Little brother wasn't really interested in this part at all. So we just framed his in his color of choice: yellow!

I'll be trying to do my regular kid craft this week, too. But it's a busy week with lots of kid clothes purging, sewing lion costumes for carnival, working on big brother's present for little brother's birthday in March and many, many other things. So we're sharing this for now - hoping to be back again this week!


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  1. What beautiful cards! Their paintings are so sweet and it looks like you knew just the right time to take them away from them so they're nice and simple.


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