Sunday, February 19, 2012

{the simple things} Chocoholic

I promised I'd find something to post about for this week's simple things sunday besides cats and nature. So here we go. OK, I did post about little brother's love for chocolate before, but it's just so sweet. He loves anything chocolate. There are a million things he won't eat, but you can get him anytime with a piece of chocolate.

Last month his grandma came over and brought some chocolate bunnies. Yep, she bought chocolate bunnies in January. Go figure. I was going to save them for Easter, but my little chocoholic caught a glimpse of them and just had to have them. Sigh. 

I love how the chubby little fingers carefully unwrap the gold foil from each bunny.

You see, my boys are like perfect little copies of their dad. They each have their own personality, to be sure, but they are very much like their dad in a lot of things. Most things, actually. With the only exception that little brother doesn't eat cheese and loves chocolate. Just like mommy.

So I don't really mind if he has a couple pieces of chocolate as an afternoon snack. My kids don't eat a lot of processed food, they know only homemade yogurt with real fruit and have never in their lives set foot in a fast food restaurant. So what if little brother loves chocolate?

Eventually he did need some milk to wash it all down though.

I will be linking up with Rebecca's simple things sunday again.

Happy Sunday!



  1. I love this little sequence!!! Adorable :)

    - Visiting from The Simple Things

  2. LOVE these shots and post!!! Too precious!


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