Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Fall: Trying black & white again

I've spent a bit of time on Pinterest recently. You know, just that tiny bit of time one spends there when one isn't addicted to it at all. Searching for specific ideas and projects. Never getting carried away by other Pinner's beautifully edited collections of images.


One of the things I have learned, and why, yes of course I learn things on Pinterest - important things, not to say vital, you know, really useful and such. Anyway. One of the things I learned is that I should try to experiment a bit more with black & white in my photography.

That time-sucking imagine-pinning monster has a way of showing you what you like. And what you forgot you liked. Such as black & white photography. Dreamy photos, Fall photos.

So in a pathetic little attempt to bring some of that look-how-great-my-dream-photography-/wardrobe-/cooking-skill-/very-next-DIY-project-is to my actual real life, here is a few of my Fall photos in black & white:

Hey, there has got to be some credit for getting off my pinboard and onto my camera...

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