Monday, August 15, 2011


So, how does one start a blog? I managed to set something up in blogger. I played around with the settings and layout, even uploaded a header. Now what? What's a first post supposed to be about? I have a lot of ideas about posts, but they all don't feel good enough for the first post. So maybe I'll start by saying something about myself.

I'm a mother of two very cute and mischievous little boys, ages 2 1/2 and soon-to-turn 5. They drive me crazy. I love them. They keep me busy. I take a million pictures of them.

Soon I'll be married for 10 years. 10! Years! Can't believe how time flies.

I like lists. To-do lists, birthday present lists, shopping lists, any list really. And I constantly drive my fellow human beings crazy with that. More on that some other time (told you I had ideas. On a list, of course).

I love to cook. I don't always have the energy to do it. I have way too many cookbooks. And read way too many food blogs (note to self: add favorite food blogs to list of topics to blog about). And I like to bake. I'm not good with the precision required for baking, but I love something sweet. So the kids and I mostly stick to simple cakes, muffins and cupcakes.

We build a house two years ago. And there are many projects still to do (yeah, of course there is a list for that!). Priority number one this year is the basement. It's one big giant mess. For two years now. But that's a different story. Funny thing is, I actually like organizing and cleaning out closets and such. Ahhh, the calming feeling when you open the door to a kitchen cabinet you just organized. It's only through blogland that I discovered I'm actually not the only one like that.

I like taking pictures. I'm by no means good at it, but I'm willing to learn. I want to do one of those photo projects like the 365 one or 12 on the 12th or so. Well, one thing at a time. (did I mention I'm horribly impatient?). I do a photo book twice a year that the grandparents get as gifts, but mostly I do this to remember what our little family was up to that year. I try to do this every other week or so or at least once a month, and I have gotten much better at keeping up with it. It just makes it easier to remember the stories that come with the pictures.

I'm really bad at anything crafty. I love all those DIY ideas out there and I clip quite a few. I guess I'm not as realistic as I'd like to think.

I get migraines. Bad ones. And right now, too many. Oh well. My husband says my to do lists have something to do with that. I refuse to believe him.

And oh, yeah, I have a job. Two days a week I live in this completely different universe, where people wait until you finish a sentence, you can have your coffee while it's still hot and nobody screams "MOMMY!!!". I like my job. But I don't like getting up at 4:30 on workdays to beat traffic and sneak out of the house while the kids are still sleeping.

Something like a year ago I discovered first Apartment Therapy and then more and more blogs full of ideas and inspiration. I still my favorite (and way too many) blogs almost every day and clip all sorts of things to my Evernote file. Way too many ideas get added to my to do list. But maybe, as the kids are getting a little older, I'll find some time here and there to do some of the things on my list and show you some of it. Or show you the ones I know I'll never get to, but maybe you will. And can tell me all about it. I'm starting this blog because through reading blogs I found out that there are other people out there who like making cake from scratch, refuse to buy a premade set for a child's birthday, keep a million lists and actually enjoy decluttering their house. And I just wanted to be part of that. I have no idea how often I will manage to update this, but hey, with that list of topics to blog about I should be covered, right? So come on, join me.


  1. Congratulations, it's a.... no, not a boy, as you've got two already... it's a BLOG! Well done. Love the layout, love the logo and yep, I DO recognize the lady ;0)) So where do I get my "official first fan" button?

  2. Good luck with blogging. I also just started a blog and really want to do a 365 days (or 52 weeks...i'm impatient too and 52 weeks seems somewhat less) photo projects). Send me a note if you start your project!


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