Monday, August 29, 2011

Urban visitors

We had friends over for the weekend and they happen to live in a much bigger city than we do. Which is because they moved there for their jobs and we moved to the middle of nowhere because, well, because we thought it was nice here. We still think that.

So everytime they come over, we seem to end up at a farm nearby where kids can play, or to be precise, where the guys race around on pedal go-karts and the girls ride ponies and pet small animals. Don't you just love these stereotypes? Anyway. Last time we were there was Easter, and this time we were actually determined to go see something different, namely a hot air ballon show nearby, but the weather has been temperamental. Nothing like Irene here but an unpredictable mix of sun and thunderstorms. Oh well. So we ended up at the farm again and had lots of fun.

Dad and Max racing Henry.

On more than one occasion Henry won.

The go-karts had dinosaurs on their stirring wheels!

Uh-oh, looks like the next thunderstorm is coming in. So quickly inside, for more racing and some cute little furry friends.

I told you I live in the middle of nowhere. Every two years, there is a tractor-pulling event. If you told me a couple of years ago that I'd be going to one of these, let alone looking forward to it, I would have thought you're out of your mind. But I guess small towns do that to you. Not being out of your mind - but sometimes enjoying strange things. Especially when you live with three guys. Tractors! What could be better?

Lots of smoke...

More smoke and more pulling...

And a small one bringing beverages around. 

My dad also came along, so make that four guys plus me. 

We had a blast. Where did our friends go, you ask? Well, I told you this is a guy thing. So the girls did what any sane woman would do: head home right after breakfast. We're still glad they were here! So what did you do on the weekend? Guy things or girl things? Or is that the same where you live?

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