Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting ready for school part 3: cards & decorations

Since the Schultüte is such an essential part of the first day of school here, I used it as inspiration for making cards and decorations. That, and I'm just lazy. You see, my son's new school has given out these large name tags for the kids to wear on their first day, and they featured a simple triangle shape with some crepe paper on top, tied with a ribbon.

I can do that. I mean, if the second graders can do that for their new first grade classmates, then I can do that, too. I think.

So I glued some card stock triangles onto plain white greeting cards, added some crepe paper and ribbon and some stamps and... done.

For his best ever girlfriend I added a colorful pencil to the card.

Since that worked nicely, I decided to go larger scale and make a garland. Yeah, a bit crooked maybe, but if you know me at all then this actually turned out pretty well.

I'm thinking they should be nice in orange with green tops for Easter, no?

Now, I only have to pick outfits, make a cake, prepare some salads, charge the camera batteries and oh, go get a haircut. If you'll excuse me...


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