Monday, December 10, 2012

{the simple things} puddles

One month? Really? It's been one month since I managed to post last? Exactly where did that month go? I mean, I sort of know where it went. Into a new job that has been keeping be busy, and into lots of holiday to dos. Even though we're busy, I still try to do as many homemade gifts as possible. I even took photos of some of them, with plans to post about them. Haha. If I keep going at this rate I might show them to you around Easter.

Oh well.

Sometimes some things just have to give. And so, there aren't many posts. We only did two batches of cookies this year.

But we did take full advantage of the puddles around the neighborhood.

And there are lots of puddles, mind you.

What is it about  boys and puddles, by the way? Mine can't stay out of them for even a nanosecond. You'd think they'd be tired when the come back inside. Nope. Instead, they keep running around, chasing each other around the dining room table.

Boy, I could really use some of that energy!


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  1. It's the same for girls too. Well, toddler girls, at least. :) Nice pic, by the way.


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