Sunday, January 20, 2013

{the simple things} tea party

Part of our activity Advent calendar was a tea party. I found this tin tea set that was not too girly for the boys, which I knew they could also use in their kitchen. I included some tea and anise cookies, and we had our tea party. Amazingly, the brothers, who are usually just one loud blur running past me and racing around the dining room table, actually sat down and had a very nice, cultivated and quiet tea for half an hour or so. After that, it was back to chasing each other around the house, screaming. Of course.

Apparently I was not the only one documenting the simple things...

Joining Rebecca's simple things Sunday again and hoping to get back into the habit!



  1. My little boy loves the tea set at the library as well. I think I should get him one too.

  2. Love these, reminds me of days gone by and dolly tea parties my daughter used to love having


  3. We have both boy and girl tea sets and enjoy the same thing! AND I got my son a similar camera for Christmas. What fun! I think you've inspired me to make small cookies for us sometime soon here. =)

  4. Love that tea set. We have a tin one also, but it's very girly. I'd love to find a more neutral one for the boys to play with alongside with their sister--but honestly, I'm pretty sure they have no idea her set is particularly girly! :)

    My kids all have those VTech cameras and when I pull out my camera they usually pull out theirs and take pictures of me in return. They mostly get the floor in their shots...but it's cute!

  5. Love the red polka-dot teapot and your capture here!

  6. What a fun tea pot!! I love it that he is taking your photo also!!


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