Saturday, December 17, 2011

{Handmade Christmas} Wrapping gifts. And wrapping some more.

I feel like I have been wrapping gifts for days now. And I'm nowhere near done. That's sort of funny considering I don't buy a lot of things and don't give that many things.

But we've made a lot of gifts this year. A lot.

And so I'm wrapping.

Small gifts for some friends (these are little notebooks and there one of the few things bought).

Cookies ready to be shipped - using paper cups bought at Ikea.

I love these boxes the post office had this year.

These took forever: the clay ornaments the kids and I made. I tied each one to a second smaller one shaped like a Christmas tree, and then tied the whole thing to a piece of cardboard. That got stamped and wrapped in cellophane, and again tied. With a tag. Sigh. But it did make a lot - enough to give to preschool teacher, friends, family and neihgbors. Love that.

 But as I promised, I did not make all my gift tags. So I printed these from ellinee. Oh I love them.

Used them to wrap my toffee (and no, I did not make a third batch).

And the Cranberry Vanilla Liqueur I still have to post about.

And of course my Spekulatiuslikör.

Plus some cranberry jam I got from reusing the cranberries that were left over after straining the liqueur.

I also wrapped lots of books, the bride & groom presents and a bunch of other things, and made little stamped paper bags for all preschool teachers, neighbors and friends. They each got a tag with Christmas wishes and I can use them to collect the goodies to give - from cookies to the memory game, dog biscuitstoffee, Spekulatiuslikör or felt brooches.

Now I'm exhausted. But I love sneaking a peak in my closet where all the goodies sit and wait to be given away next week. That's my favorite part. And I can't wait.

Now the only thing I need is some snow so the kids and I can take the sleigh like we did the last two years.

Feels like Christmas now, doesn't it?



  1. Oh wow, I wuenschte ich koennte mich dieses Jahr auch richtig beim einpacken und verzieren verausgeben... Naechstes Jahr dann wohl wieder ;)


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