Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas! I hope.

I had grand plans for this week. Do some final crafts. Make some candy for my dad and some Christmas chocolate for my father-in-law. Wrap some more gifts. Do some organizing. Post the recipe for the cranberry liqueur I'm giving my mom for Christmas. And a couple other things.

Oh, and relax. Yep, relax. Read Christmas books with the kids. Go for walks. Wait for snow. Drink hot chocolate.

Then came Monday night.

I got sick. And went to bed.

By the next morning we were all sick. Of course.

Oh well.

Fingers crossed, it seems to be getting better. Little brother is well. Big brother's fever is down and the strep test today was negative. I still hope they can go to the preschool Christmas party on Friday. And I hope that we'll all feel better for Christmas.

So no pics of the tree this week and likely no recipes or any other Christmas posts.

But I really wanted to pop in and wish you a very merry and healthy Christmas - and thank you for reading my blog. I just started out what seems like a few weeks ago and I am so amazed by the wonderful comments I get.

Thank you.

See you all in 2012!

Merry Christmas,

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  1. Frohe Weihnachten, Swenja! Auch Dir und Deinen Lieben ein wunderschönes Weihnachtsfest und zauberhafte Zeit.



    p.s.: ich habe mich so gefreut, dass sich Deine Kinder in Mooch verliebt haben :)


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