Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not a perfect Christmas. But a good one.

So we did have a good Christmas after all. Even my husband, who had been hit hardest with what turned out to be the hand foot mouth disease, recovered enough to at least enjoy Christmas Eve celebrations.

Still, it felt like I was troubleshooting all week. Going from one doctor's office to the next, with pharmacies inbetween. Taking temperatures, cooking pudding, buying the traditional red cabbage frozen instead of making it from scratch and trying to survive on too little sleep. Every time we had one thing taken care of or it seemed to get better, there was the next thing. Like my last post where I was still glad everyone's fever was down and it was no strep throat. Next day it turns out it's the hand foot mouth disease. Day after it turns out I've got it, too. Oh well.

Luckily I didn't get it nearly as bad as my poor husband did. And the kids were pretty much fine, too.

We decorated the tree the weekend before, when little brother was already running a fever. Little did we know...

Our clay snowflakes got some last-minute glitter and looked great on the tree.

And then came Christmas Eve:

My husband trying to dodge the camera. Can't blame him.

Big brother opening little brother's sibling gift. He loved it.

The brothers made thermos travel mugs for their dad. One of these days I'll show you pictures.

My table decorations. Just a couple of larch twigs, pinecones, leftover snowflakes and yarn-wrapped votive holders (can you tell I like yarn-wrapping these days?!). Not the most glamorous, but all I could muster,

Our cat (well, one of our cats I should say) checking out the presents under the tree. Hmmmm, this one looks nice.....

The brothers starting to pull out presents from the pile under the tree and trying to read the tags. This one turned out to be for dad.

Playing with grandpa is the best!

So we had a fun Christmas night after all, some nice food and best of all, the whole family was there. The kids loved their presents and have been playing with them ever since. But I was so glad I had been starting early and got most things ready. Some things never got done, but that's ok. Christmas isn't about being perfect, after all.

By the time we all have to go back to work and preschool next week, we should be all well again.

So tell me, how was your Christmas?



  1. Everything looks beautiful.
    And merry.
    And those brothers look pretty sweet too.
    Glad you were able to get out of hte sick room and under the tree.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Love from,

  2. OMG matchy tartan shirt! Those boys are the cutest sight!

    And I really like the table decoration too.

    Get a lot of rest of the remaining holidays so that those nasty bugs don't come back.


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