Sunday, March 3, 2013

{the simple things} guitar practice

When big brother was two years old, the Easter bunny got him a guitar. A light blue, wooden toy guitar. He loved it. Like any good rock star, his guitar didn't last all that long. So the next year the Easter bunny came back, this time with the smallest size of a "real" guitar he could find.

He has been playing with it ever since, and this year we finally ended up getting him enrolled in guitar lessons. I have no idea where he got his love of music from - sports and music are two things I am an absolute failure at. But then again, my boys didn't get too much from their mommy, anyway.

He's had weekly lessons for a couple of weeks now, and he does practice most days. He will protest when you ask him to practice, mind you. But once he actually puts down what he was doing and gets his guitar, he enjoys it.

He's a little bit frustrated with the fact that he has to start learning the basics, he'd much rather learn chords and play all his favorite songs (current play list includes I can see clearly now, Let her go and anything by Eric Clapton, preferably Layla). But he does keep practicing, and I love that he found something to enjoy. He's not someone who's great at team sports and he doesn't like the fact that all his friends play soccer. Playing the guitar or going fishing with daddy is so much more like him.

Speaking of daddy - well, after taking big brother to his lessons once or twice, he too caught the guitar bug and started to take lessons. Now they practice together a few times a week, especially on Sundays. Can't wait for them to be able to play on long summer nights!

I have a feeling the Easter bunny will have to be bringing a bigger guitar this year... 

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Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I took guitar lessons last year, it is not easy! Layla is pretty advanced :). My teacher gave us family lessons--my son on the fiddle and husband on banjo. It was really neat to hear the boys play together, I never quite caught the bug!

  2. Perfect gift for him ~ he will play music long after 'soccer' is gone from his life ~ Great photos of an adorable emerging guitarist! ~ Happy Fishing to him and Dad ~ You sound like wonderful parents! ^_^

  3. What a cute little guy! I love that look kiddos get when they are learning and concentrating. Great photos!

  4. Love when I click on a photo that catches my eye on Rebecca's post and it's a blog I've enjoyed before:) Love how you captured your son here---so intent and focused on his guitar. My son just got glasses too, so these look adorable to me!


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