Sunday, February 24, 2013

{the simple things} new playground

We live in the middle of a new development, and just as our part of it got finished last year, the next part started. Sigh. More excavators, dump trucks, cranes and the like. A little boy's heaven, you'd think. Unless your little boys have been used to that for a good four years now. A dump truck? Yawn. Look, there's a new crane! Oh what else is new....

Anyway. The good news is that the city finally finished the new playground that is right between our part of the development and the new one. The process started last summer, and the fun part was that all the kids and parents who live here got invited to a planning meeting to make a wish list of things they'd like for the playground. 

The not so fun part was the wet summer and the fact that building the playground took much, much longer than anticipated. It got finished just before Christmas, but the sand didn't get in until this year. So now it's all done! And it's great. Last Sunday we got a little bit of sunshine (while I'm typing it's snowing outside. Again. Sigh.), so we got some much needed fresh air.

The slide seems to be everyone's favorite. We've been to the playground a few times since it opened, but last week was little brother's first time of going down the slide all by himself. Before that he's stand at the top, holding up traffic and wait for big brother or friends to go down with him. Now he does it all by himself.

I love the details. Such as the swinging bench.

Oh and yes, that is a mouse sitting on a box of explosives. Go figure...

But the best part? The playground is so close that I can literally see the kid from my back deck - or open the upstairs window and tell them dinner is ready. Not that I can let the little one out there all by himself yet, but I'm sure that time will come sooner than I'd like to think.

How about you? What are your favorite playgrounds and do you ever let your kids there unattended?

Sharing with Rebecca's simple things sunday today. 

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  1. My grandchildren have their playground right behind their property and I can see them from the deck also. We enjoy the landscape and all the equipment.

  2. It looks so fun! How exciting to have a new place to explore! :) Thanks for linking up with the simple things this week.

  3. Looks like they did a really great job, what a brilliant thing to have right near your house


  4. What an amazing park, and so close. Life is good;) I think the slide would be my fav also.

  5. What a great place to have so nearby. Our nearest park is about 6 blocks away, but an artist built a set of musical instruments (mostly giant chimes and drums) so the boys call it the music park.

    Love that you captured your youngest when he just started going down the slide on his own!

  6. Looks like a fabulous playground!! Lovely photos :-)


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