Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Basement progress

I'm supposed to be downstairs, tackling the next basement room. Instead I'm sitting on the couch with a cup of hot tea, looking at the storm and rain out there. Too bad I have to go out there in half an hour to pick the kids up. That's right: I have to walk to kindergarten. For anyone who knows me that must come as a surprise. But you see, our road is getting done and for the next week or two, there is no way of getting the car anywhere near the house. Of course it started raining the minute the construction work began last week. Of course. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me not to get used to taking bikes, tricycles or walk so much?

Anyhow, today I'm just not feeling so well, so instead of making some actual basement progress, I'll just post about it. As I said in a previous post, my basement is one huge, big mess. Now I did finish the first room. There's still some stuff I need to get rid of and some stuff to sell, and yeah, I do have to reorganize the shelves, but given that eventually all the shelves will have to come down and everything will have to be taken out and put back again, this is just fine for now. Hey, I can see everything I have and I can find everything I have and most important: I use or love everything I have in there, or my mom does, for that matter.

Also, drumroll please, my husband actually finished putting the tile in the laundry room, so that makes it progress on two rooms down there. Yay! It looks soooooo much better than the concrete floor.

Still ceilings to finish and lots of painting to do, but the really messy and hard job for one of the biggest rooms is done. Ahhhhhh.... Now I actually like doing laundry. Really. That's why I have three baskets worth of it sitting on the washing machine while I'm taking a picture for my blog. Hmmmm....

Next up is the room where my husband wants to have a little work area and keep his tools and stuff. Currently is just one giant dumping ground for all things remotely home or tool related. "It's not that bad, it's just a few things standing around" he'll say. Yeah, right. I can't even reach the window anymore. But I'll show you another time.

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