Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

We did the pumpkins last week. It only takes me a week to post the pictures. Oh well.

I'm hoping they're going to make it until Halloween... But even if they don't, we had a great time making them.

 Little brother was helping, too. For about a minute.
 That's big brother's pumpkin.
 Scooping out the next one!
 A kitty cat pumpkin. Love.
 Now the big one.
 Our pumpkin family 2011.
 Little brother coming back and announcing the cat is his pumpkin. Oh. Ok.
 Another cat interested in what's going on here.
 The sun is setting...
 ...Pumpkins start glowing.
 Watching from a safe (and warm!) distance. It's getting really chilly outside.
 And spooky.
Wishing you all a happy Halloween!


  1. I looooooove the Kitty one!! :0)) It looks really mean though on the last pic.

  2. They are lovely!

    I didn't found the time to make one. Maybe next year!

  3. @ Das dicke Mädchen: haha, du solltest mal sehen, wie es jetzt aussieht... ich sag nur, reif für die Biotonne (oh, das war gemein). Wie war denn eigentlich der Kuchen? Und alle wieder fit?

    @ Emilie: that's probably because you have so many other things to do this year :)


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