Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet Noelle

She arrived this week. I'm so excited! Let me introduce you to Noelle. My brand-new mustard yellow scarf. Yep, that's right, my new scarf has a name. And she's sooooo soft. And warm. And did I mention mustard yellow? I got her here. And while I was at it, I got a cute little flower and a bird to keep her company.

I love scarves. I don't have that many shoes and I stick to one handbag for my kids days and another one for my work days. But I do love scarves. While looking through them and giving away stuff I no longer needed, I realized I needed a winter scarf.

You see, my winter coat is olive green. I love it, it's windproof, waterproof, warm and all those things you need when you're out with the kids. But when I got it, the combination of function and prettiness was still fairly new in winter coats, so color choices were limited. When I look at my closet after purging now, there is not exactly a lot of olive green. And my beloved kids days bag that came all the way from Greece to me is a dark denim. It has a name too, by the way: Elessa.

Anyway. I needed something to make it look a bit more intentional.

Enter Noelle. Warm, pretty and goes plays nicely with the green coat.

Coat? Check. Bag? Hmmm.... Soooooo I got this handmade flower to add some of the yellow and the green to my bag. And the yellow bird from one of my favorite sellers: snug. I always loved their brooches and gave several as presents but could never decide on a color for myself. And then they had a fall special: mustard yellow. Oh, I needed one.

Given that last year around that time I was wearing that coat with a too colorful, too long scarf that always got caught in the zipper and some cheap bag that didn't really go with anything, this really makes me happy:

Over the summer it was easier - the bag has a bright red lining and I have all sorts of red accessories and a navy jacket and shoes. But this makes me feel ready for fall and winter. And so excited that I posted way too many pictures. And took even more. Oh well. I also made a really, really great apple cinnamon cake today. Maybe I'll get a chance to post over the weekend, so if you're grocery shopping go pick up some apples and yogurt, because you'll love it. Trust me.

What's your favorite winter accessory? If you need one where you live, that is.



  1. Lovely article.I am always curious to see my bag on the person who bought it :) The idea of adding the knitted flower was brilliant.Well done !

    Take care

  2. Hi Swenja :)
    It made me really happy seeing my broche on your beautiful handbag. The colours and the whole composition fit perfectly together - great :)
    Thank you for blogging this!
    With kindest regards,


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