Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter time + black costumes = bad photos

We went trick-or-treating the first time this year. Monday was a workday for me, so I took a couple of quick pictures over the weekend just before it was getting dark, figuring that I might not be home early enough to take some decent photos on the big day. We did pumpkins and candy and ghost cookies before but Halloween was never such a big deal at our house. Until this year. The kids were beyond excited to dress up and go trick-or-treating.

Ignore the stripey tees and colorful socks for a minute, ok? Oh, and nevermind that nothing they're wearing matches. The kids were playing outside all day and then went inside to bake ghost cookies with me, decorating themselves and every horizontal surface available liberally with flour. Sigh. So they're wearing whatever they (or their dad) first grabbed when told to go change into something less covered in flour. Oh well.
They had fun. The magic wands I whipped up earlier that afternoon, using some leftover round coasters from Ikea that we got to make the stovetop for the kitchen in their playhouse outside. They're the perfect size and they come in red and black, but for the stove I only used one red so the others came in handy for this little "project". I just cut them into stars, tied some ribbon to two sticks and sandwiched the whole thing between the stars. Then I glued it together. Which barely lasted for the photo. So it got stapled for Monday - not so pretty, but very effective. And quick.
After making the capes out of a fleece blanket I didn't have the time or energy to make hats, too. And I'm not even talking skill level or talent here because we all know that I'm seriously lacking that when it comes to sewing or crafting. So sewing was out. Then I figured I'd do paper hats, but after the rain we had earlier this month and little brother being very likely to toss his hat on the floor repeatedly (which he ended up doing), maybe that wasn't such a brilliant idea either. I finally gave up and ordered some cheap ones. They fit, they're still going to fit for years to come and they are quite sturdy. So there you have it, two little magicians.
Here they're off back to watching some TV while mommy finishes cleaning up, makes some dinner and prepares the candy bowl for the next day.
So this is on Monday. As I said, coming home late from work, winter time, black costumes and a mommy who still hasn't learned to switch off the auto mode on her DSLR equal some very dark, grainy and not so pretty photos. Sorry about that.
They had such a great time though and I had NO idea, Halloween was this popular over here. I knew it was getting more popular, but I never thought we'd stop and get candy at every other house! It took us well over and hour to complete our tour.

We went with their best buddies, who are five months older each and go to the same kindergarten. The kids had SO much fun. They kept running to the doors, ringing doorbells, saying trick-or-treat. Little brother right in the middle of the action, not scared at all. Amazing.

So at the end of the night, little brother was getting a little tired and mommy was exhausted. And wearing his hat for most of the time. My feet hurt so bad after wearing heels all day and then walking around in still fairly new boots all night. But it was so worth it.

I think we'll go again next year! Now I only have to figure out what to do with all that candy and chocolate they brought home. What do you guys do? Ration? Separate per child? Just throw in one big jar and let them pick every now and then? It's less than a month to go until the Advent calendars...



  1. I'm so with you regarding the light and photography... I've been delaying getting my tripod out but I think I'll do it tonight.

    For the candies, parents take all their favorites candies while the kids sleeps and then everynow and then as dessert. They last for a year.

  2. S├╝ss sehen sie aus!!!!

  3. they look so sweet! :) thank you for sharing your photos!! Rebecca

  4. Ich ignorier Halloween ja schon seit Jahren aber viel laenger gehts das mit dem Kleinen jetzt wohl nicht mehr ;) Wir wohnen an einer viel befahrenen Strasse und daher kommen auch keine Kleinen bei uns vorbei. Eigentlich schade... LG Sophie


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