Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{the simple things} feeding deer

The other day (which is about two weeks ago - see how organized I am about posting photos?) my mom offered to take the kids for a walk. I could have stayed home. Make some tea. Relax - ok, who am I kidding: cross things off my to do list. Blog. Read blogs. Get something done.

Instead, I went with them. Because there will be plenty of times to get things done or blog about things that did or did not get done. It does seem far away now, but I've heard it isn't. And I know there will be a time when they won't get excited about afternoon walks and feeding deer anymore. I want to enjoy this before we get there, and I did. It's the simple things.

 So we enjoyed the late afternoon sunset.

Big brother took his bike.
 And little brother rode the tricycle.
 Remember these trees? Last time I took pictures of them there were still leaves left.
When we got there, the deer boss, as the kids call him, was waiting.
He knows those paper bags... Whenever we have bread left over that is about to go stale, we cut it up into pieces and save those in the bakery's paper bags so it gets dry without getting moldy. We always have a supply.
 Because there are more of them coming!
 The brothers getting their bread.
And feeding it. Little brother is pretty good about this and not half as scared as big brother was at that age. I guess watching big brother does help make him fearless. Not sure I  always like that.
 Big brother actually talks to the deer. It's pretty funny.

 Then we walked home.
Where it was getting dark. And cold. November is here, after all.

So this is my first time linking anywhere. Not sure I get this right, so bear with me here. I love Rebecca's blog for her gorgeous photography, creative ideas and so much more, so I'm giving it a try.

If you haven't yet, go read Rebecca's simple things post this week. The quote is SO inspiring. I think I need to tape this to the wall behind my kitchen sink. And the changing table. And to my vacuum.

So what have you been up to?



  1. Sweet photos.
    And you have DEER in your neighborhood!
    Love from,

  2. Beautiful picture! I wish I had kids of my own to take pictures of! but who I'm a kidding, I have thousands of pictures of my boyfriend kids, I just can't post about them (mommy won't like it).

    Anyway...Deers!!! How cool is that? We have deers in Québec but they only are wild animal and pest so we don't feed them. But now...i' m rethink that.

  3. Your photos are lovely Swenja! The lighting is just beautiful! So happy you linked up this week!! YAY! :) :) Rebecca

  4. Thanks so much :)

    Greta - I told you we live in the middle of nowhere...

    Emilie - you know, I sort of understand. I don't feel comfortable with my kid's faces on the Internet either. Maybe that'll come, but for now I try to avoid it, which means leaving out many great pics. Oh well.
    As for the deer, well they're fenced in :)

    Rebecca - that is so sweet, thank you :) I'm sure it won't be the last time linking up! Thanks for hosting.


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