Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall impressions

Today I have a brand-new, never-been-done-before topic for you: fall pictures. Amazing, right? Like no other blog on the whole, (world)wide Internet has ever shown these during, well, fall. And you are never going to guess who is starring in these photos: leaves! Berries! Mushrooms! More leaves!

Anyway. I have to admit I still haven't turned the auto settings off on my camera, but still, I do think I'm inching a bit closer to one of my 2011 goals: take better pictures. So you'll just have to bear with me here and have a look at this tiny selection of the gazillion photos I took while we went for a walk last weekend. And leave tons of encouraging comments. Of course.

 I like this one.
 Very yellow. Little brother would love it.
 We went to visit these guys.
Of course the pedal go-kart had to come along. Love the rear seat since little brother can just sit there and relax, which is especially good when he didn't have a nap.

 More yellow!
 Up close.
 Yep, summer IS over. Even though it was almost warm enough go without a jacket.
 I have never seen one this big.
Daddy going for a ride into the fields. Like really into the fields, so much that big brother had to help him get out there while mommy was busy taking pictures of yellow stuff.
 Leaves. Colorful leaves. Such an novel concept.
 But they are pretty. (Aren't they?!)
 Big brother and his loot. He loves letting them fly and calls them helicopters.
 Hmmm, there are more up there...
 Little brother wanting in the driver's seat.
 Riding home.

And now, since no post of fall pictures seems to be complete without this statement: I just love this season. So cliche, I know. But it's true, I really like it, especially when it happens to be sunny and warm and colorful and not dreary and rainy and cold like it sometimes is in Germany when it goes straight from summer to winter.

Want to see more fall pictures? And really (I mean REALLY) good ones? Go have a look at Yvonne's blog. She recently also posted these very yummy looking pumpkin cupcakes with the cutest ever leaf decoration (and the prettiest ever cupcake wrappers). Hmm.... I didn't do the new recipe for this week yet...

So, honestly, what is your favorite season?



  1. So beautiful.
    It looks like you live in such a lovely area.
    I love all the fall colors.
    Love from,

  2. Liebe Swenja,
    das sind tolle Fotos! Ich liebe den Herbst!
    Eine schöne, neue Woche,
    viele liebe Grüße,

  3. Ohhh, danke dir! Ich mag den Herbst auch, vor allem, wenn wir wirklich mal einen haben wie dieses Jahr mit viel Sonne und bunten Blättern und nicht nur 5 Grad Regen…

    Feiert noch schön Kindergeburtstag – wir machen das auch immer an verschiedenen Wochenenden, schließlich will man das ja auch genießen!

    Einen lieben Gruß,


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