Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Advent calendars

Next up on my Christmas list were the Advent calendars for the boys. They're tradition over here. Big brother has gotten one ever since he was a year old. That first year it was 24 photos in red and green envelopes strung like a garland across his room, every day we'd take one out and put into a small book so he could look at them (and chew on them).

These days it's a little more complicated. I've been collecting small things since the summer, actually. Last year my dad made the boys wooden reindeer that have the important task of carrying the goodies.

At some point I will sew nice little bags for them, but for now these simple whites ones from Ikea had to do. They come with numbers already printed on. Nice. So this is what went into them:
Playmobil figures. I got 48 of them for 8 EUR at a thrift store in the summer. I didn't use all of them, but they did provide a pretty good base. We don't have a lot of Playmobil yet, so these will nicely expand the collection, and I'm sure the boys can think of something to play with them.

 Then I got some more learning cards on nature - cats, small river critters and such.

 Two monster trucks thrown in for good measure.

Lots of small books. This is the point where the white bags really get annoying, because a standard mini book (Pixibuch) doesn't fit. Hello?! That's an Advent calendar staple! How anyone can design Advent calendar bags that don't fit small books is beyond me. Anyhow.

Pencils with those cute erasers on top. Perfect for big brothers kindergarten homework. And notice the ladybug? I think he's going to like that.

Some chocolate cars. Love those.
And some more candy to fill it up. Just small things like chocolate bonbons and gummybears, of course. No Advent calendar at our house without chocolate and gummybears!

So this is what it looks like all laid out per day. Or bag. Whatever. Before and.....

after! Just wrapping all those books took me forever. Sigh.

And this is the finished Advent calendar hanging in big brother's room (yes, he has a beach view on his wall, courtesy of my dad).

Anyone out there who sewed 48 bags before? Do I need to start in January or is July enough?!



  1. Die Playmobilfiguren wären für uns auch was!!!!
    Der Kalender sieht super aus!
    Ganz viele liebe Grüße

  2. Ich kanns kaum noch abwarten bis Logan auch alt genug ist fuer nen Advents Kalender. Deiner sieht super aus :)

  3. Na du kannst ja nächsten Sommer schon mal anfangen Sachen zu sammeln :) die Rentiere hat mein Papa gemacht, irgendwann näh ich mal richtige Säckchen...

    Wann fliegt ihr denn nach Good Old Germany?


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