Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent decorations & DIY ornaments

Sunday was the first Advent. Saturday we finally managed to get the boxes of decorations down from the attic. We're keeping it simple this year. My Advent wreath is not even a wreath, those only dry out anyway, so I have one of those on the porch (without any decoration). Inside I only put four candles, a couple of pinecones and other small things. Looks like I got the cat's approval.

I had two nice ornaments that I used for my Advent wreath last year. They seemed too much this year, so I suspended them from the lampshades above the dining room table. I like how the spin and glitter in the candlelight. Not really conventional, but so far it works. Seems like the cats haven't found out yet they could play with them...

The kids and I also made paper ornaments. I was going to hang them in the windows but ultimately decided to hang them between lamps in the kitchen and above the table instead so they could spin. I got the idea from here and then Belinda posted another tutorial. It's so simple - you just cut three strips of paper, leave one as is, shorten one, shorten the last a bit more and glue them all together. I love them.

Oh and then there is my growing collection of wooden trees. I love those, too. 

Did you get your decorations up yet? Do you celebrate Advent?


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