Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cats in clothes

I fell in love with a cat last week. His name is Henry and he's the cutest and coolest thing ever. He was created by Heather Mattoon and I found him through a post from Nicole of Making it Lovely, who wrote about him and the other Cats in Clothes at Babble.

Yeah I know I talked about a blog fast last week. But sometimes you just have to love the blogosphere. It's the times when you come across a great new read, some wonderful inspiration, a delicious recipe, a DIY that actually works out or simply something so absolutely great that you know you love it the moment you see it.

That happened last week when I saw Nicole's post. And what can I say, I ordered the set of 12 notecards from Heather's Etsy shop.

Luckily Henry is part of that collection. I'll frame the notecard for big brother's room. Big brother loves cats. And he often looks a bit ruffled like his namesake cat. And I just adore that expression on his face! Also, since we finally managed to hang some of the projects we made for the kids' rooms, I was in need for some art for their rooms. I would love to buy a bigger print, but that will have to wait.

Oh, and how about this one for little brother's room? It's Savannah. Don't you love the scarf?

And finally, I've bookmarked Voilet for a good friend's birthday. Which isn't until October next year. Oh well. Too bad she is not part of the set. But isn't she adorable?

So do you have a favorite? Or are you just not a cat person and are somewhat shaking your head now because you have no idea how someone can get so excited about cat art?

Can't wait to hear,

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