Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bubbles. Oh, and a sun hat.

Last weekend was nice, almost felt like summer, without being really hot. We had our little one year-old neighbor over, and to keep her from getting bored, the brothers decided to blow some bubbles.

She loved it. Although she would have preferred to blow some bubbles herself.

Also, I made little brother's sunhat. Actually, I made this weeks ago, using this pattern. Since it's meant for a toddler, I did increase it a bit. And ended up with a hat I can wear. Oops. Apparently I should have measured my seam allowance a little more precisely. Oh well. I just made another one. And then two more. Now the whole family has sun hats. The kids got a fish appliqué on the one side, the inside is lined with bright stripes matching about every color tee they own.

Little brother has been wearing it on vacation, too. I'd like to make a few more of them - once you get the hang of sewing something straight onto something round, it's actually not that hard. That, and using about a million pins. Anyhow.

This is my favorite photo.

You can see the hat's striped lining here. It's a reversible hat though, and big brother sometimes wears the bright side out.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Those hats are precious. I love to sew but have never yet tried my hand at a hat...and I probably should because I tend to only cover my kids' heads in the winter...some sun hats would probably be useful.

    Love the fish applique!


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