Sunday, June 17, 2012

{the simple things} picking strawberries

Ah, strawberry season. It's always too short, but it's so sweet while it lasts. We decided to make the most of it and go strawberry picking last weekend.

Hello? Strawberries? Anyone there?

Yum! Eating as many strawberries as you possibly can is the best part about picking strawberries.

Don't they look lovely? We had a bit too much rain the week before, but they're still delicious.

The boys were pretty good actually, not stepping on the plants or berries and not picking the green ones.

This is what we came home with: 5kg (that's 11 lbs). We made strawberry cakes (yep, plural), pureed some with confectioner's sugar and froze them for eating with yogurt when the season is over, ate a lot of them and....

...made two batches of strawberry jam.

Of course I need more. I still haven't tried strawberry syrup and oh, there are so many cake recipes I want to try! Also, I need to stock up some more on jam and the frozen strawberry puree to get us through that bleak not-strawberry-season.

What's your favorite strawberry recipe?

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  1. I need to know where those strawberry fields are. I want to go picking. I don't know any near me. They are my favourite fruit. Lovely images, made my mouth water.


  2. Um....yum! Looks fun and delicious!

  3. Love that first picture -- those clouds are unreal!

  4. Oh how lovely! I have been wanting to make strawberry jam for forever!

  5. Those look so YUM! Our strawberry season has already come and gone :(

    Jamie @

  6. That first photo is my favorite I think, though I can relate to each of this. We picked this past week and we could not stop! What a beautiful family you have- I am glad to have found you through simple things sunday :)

  7. oh my, now all I can think about is strawberries. :) your photos are gorgeous Swenja! thanks for linking up this week. R

  8. oh my word, your pictures are the cutest, look at your little boys face! and his little finger pointing at the strawberry underneath the leaves!!! lovely shots:)

  9. These shots are lovely! The fourth one down took my breath away.

    It looks like lots of very yummy fun.


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