Friday, June 1, 2012


Warning: there are way too many pictures in this post. And these are only from one day. A fraction of the photos I took on one day, to be precise. How did we ever make do with rolls of film that let you make 36 exposures and no more?

Anyhow. These are all from our vacation in Bavaria and taken on a small hike up to a waterfall and back down through an amazing forest. So grab yourself a cup of (iced) coffee and here we go.

We've taken trips to this and other regions in the Alps before, but I have never managed to find, let alone photograph a gentian (I also had no idea they had this funny name in English. They're called Enzian in German. Much nicer if you ask me). Those gorgeous blue flowers are so typical of the region and yet fairly rare these days. Not here, apparently.

But there are many more pretty flowers.

Big brother walked all the way, by himself, although he did complain a little here and there. I guess as much as they run around they are not used to hiking. You could tell it was much better where there was much to see, such as the forest part or the actual climbing up to the waterfall. Sunny paths through open fields? Not so much.

Cows? Well, a little better.

Little brother did need some carrying though.

Woodruff, or Waldmeister. So pretty. I have to do some research and find out how to make syrup or ice cream with it. Does anyone know? Do you dry it or infuse liquids with it? Is it the leaves, the flowers? I'm clueless as you can tell. Lovely plant though.

This way...

Also no idea what kind of plant this is. Big brother loved it and carried parts of it halfway down the hill.

There is this gorgeous river running along the path, the Leine.

I can't get enough of the flower fields, they are so pretty and each one is different in the kinds of flowers.

Uhm, yes, I did take a few flower photos. Just a few, really.

My men, hiking up the mountain.

More gentian. Pretty, isn't it?

We made it! The waterfall.

Some clover on the way back through the forest. We took a different route down than we did on the way up, which was great for the boys. The loved this little enchanted forest.

And there is something enchanting about it.

See? Told you.

It was a great afternoon and perfect timing, too. As soon as we got down, it started raining.



  1. Thank you for sharing, I was born in Northern Germany and I had many walks in the forest, I live in the Midwest US and we have different landscape.
    I miss the smell of the forest.

  2. Oh so beautiful!
    Love from,

  3. Glorious.

    Personally, I think Waldmeister is a much more picturesque name than Woodruff!

  4. Oh my goodness - I have just added another place to the list of "have-to-visit's" in Europe. I think moving there for a while would be the best plan.


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