Thursday, May 31, 2012

{embrace the camera} first time

If you listen really closely, you can hear me take a deep breath here.

The truth of the matter is, I don't like being in front of the camera. As much as I love taking photos, I dislike having my photo taken. I do make an annual exception for my favorite photographer, who does wonderful shots of our little family. Other than that, there simply aren't any photos of me.

But miserably failing Rebecca's challenge to embrace the camera twice before Mother's Day and posting a photo of daddy and little brother instead got me thinking. I put so much time and effort into my annual photo books and documenting our lives, do I really want to refuse to be part of these memories?

I've started to experiment with my camera's self timer and I'm considering getting a remote for it, but since we're on vacation I took a deep breath and handed that camera over to my dearest (not without some detailed instructions, mind you).

After some more deep breaths, some editing with PicMonkey (you know PicMonkey, don't you? If you don't, you'll have to go check it out right now. Really, I insist) and a call to make an appointment for finally getting those roots done next week (I had no idea it was this bad, really), here I am, ready for my first ever embrace the camera post. Ready?

Little brother and mommy.

Now all I need to do is take another deep breath and hit publish. Here we go.



  1. Awww nothing to be nervous about, you are beautiful, and I love your outfit and smile!!!

    Pretty background too :)

  2. Be incouraged! I too suffered from this dis- like of being in front of the lense at one time. Let loose siter and get-cho-embracin' on! Thanks for the PicMonkey refferal!

  3. Adorablely lovely pictures. Way to go! I hope you had a great vacation, looks like a beautiful location.

  4. Love these!! So glad you are starting. Your kids will love it when you are older:) Keep doing it!!:)

  5. Yay you!
    I have missed reading blogs--just been absent a lot form the blog world lately.
    What a fun post to come back to.
    I know how you feel--I hate most pictures of me too.
    These 2 that you chose are lovely.
    Embrace away, my dear.
    Love from,

  6. You look great!

  7. Well done! The pictures are lovely.

    It's hard, isn't it? I realized recently that a lot of my "embrace" posts have been featuring daddy, grandparents, anything I could manage to avoid getting my unshowered self in front of the camera. So I'm trying to get in those memories more now!

  8. Yay! You're embracing the camera too! I know it's not easy. You look beautiful, though and that photo of you and your son is precious! Definitely keep it up! You will be glad you did and so will your kids. Oh- and I use my remote shutter release a lot! It's perfect for when you want to get in the photo too, and the kids think it's a lot of fun, so it can be a little interactive for them... if you don't mind handing over the remote. :)

  9. Ich bin ja so froh dass ich jetzt endlich auch ein Gesicht mit den netten Kommentaren und Emails verbinden kann. Du musst dir ja überhaupt keine Gedanken zum Thema fotogen oder nicht machen :) hoffentlich sehen wir in Zukunft mehr Bilder von dir! Wünsch euch noch einen schönen Urlaub und vielen guten Joghurt. Du hast total recht, in amiland findet man auch nur schwer einen richtig natürlichen Joghurt. Da ist auch so oft Süßstoff drin und da esse ich dann lieber gar keinen...


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