Monday, May 7, 2012

{kid craft} flower birthday cards

I'm trying to teach my kids to be thoughtful. To be old-fashioned maybe. If it's someone's birthday, you bake a cake (or a cupcake), you pick flowers and you write a card. You might even make a little gift. It's not about the money you spend, it's not about showing that you care. It doesn't matter if you're invited to a party or if someone is likely to think of your birthday. It's the way we do things around here.

So we made cards for some upcoming birthdays. These would also make lovely Mother's Day cards.

My boys not being big on drawing, we decided to do simple pop-up cards. We cut slits in a plain white card, folded them in and glued another plain card to the back to hide the cuts.

The brothers punched out flowers, but of course you could also make your own. Except that it would have taken us until midnight to finish a single card then. Besides, they were fascinated with the hole punches.

Glue the flowers on your popup stems.

And color some grass, sky and such around. They weren't too motivated about this, but they did try.

More flowers to be added.

Big brothers finished card. Well, almost finished, we also wrote some birthday wishes on it and he added his name. Don't you love the green clouds?

We also used some flowers to decorate the front of the card.

Little brother decorating his card.

Big brother ended up making a popup drawing, too. Those are cats, in case you didn't immediately notice. Their ears are folded back, he told me. Oh, and they're cut with pinking shears because that makes it looks like fur. Ah. Ok.

The boys are excited about giving out their homemade cards. And that makes me happy.


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