Friday, May 25, 2012

Catching frogs

What happens when boys kiss frogs, anyhow? Do the frogs turn into beautiful princesses then? Too bad my boys decided they didn't want to kiss their latest catch, so I didn't get to find out.

They still had fun catching all sorts of critters with daddy though.

Little brother and I preferred watching.

So, what did you catch?

What do frogs say on the other side of the really, really big pond, btw? I know I must have known this, but it's been such a long time and I just can't remember. Over here they say "quak". Not the same, uh?

Let's see, what else did we get....

Fish! Don't worry, all the little guys went right back into their little pond. Really.

Little brother being silly. It was getting past someone's bedtime here...

So what did you catch lately?

Happy kissing,


  1. oh je! Mit Froeschen kannst du mich ja jagen ;) Aber zumindest hatten deine Maener wohl spass :)

  2. Hi Swenja!

    How cute are your little boys!! I would be so scared to catch some frogs.
    But it looks so much fun for the guys :-)

    have a great weekend!!

  3. What a great boys day, I'd be rubbish, hate all the little slimey frogs and fish :s

  4. Frogs here say, "rriibit!"
    That's "rrrr-i-bit."
    Does that even make sense?
    And how fun!
    Catching frogs!
    Love from,


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