Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{kid craft} Quick Father's Day Idea

Yep, another quick one today. It's just another week spent running around from one activity to the next and oh, there's still things such as work and a household and all that. So we sat down Monday afternoon to do some crafting for daddy (who hopefully won't read this tonight so he'll be all surprised tomorrow). I came across this idea here and while I liked the look of the shoe prints, covering shoes with some sort of paint didn't seem like such a brilliant idea when you're pressed for time. Although I'm sure the brothers would have loved it.

Instead, we opted for tracing daddy's shoes and the brothers' feet onto card stock and cutting that out. Over here we have the same saying, but instead of your father's shoes, it's following in your father's footsteps. So even though we could hardly trace around daddy's feet without him noticing, I think the brother's cute little feet complete with cut off toes, courtesy of big brother, are really cute.

And basically, that's all there is. Trace, cut, arrange your design and glue it to a piece of paper. Now, you could get all professional and print something on it with a computer. But did I mention I was busy? And there was some sunshine out there, waiting for the brothers and their bikes? 

We ended up just writing "in daddy's footsteps" on the paper and the brothers wrote their names on it while I added the date. It was funny to see that big brother's foot is already half the size of daddy's!

So honey, if you are reading this: we love you lots and please, do act surprised tomorrow, ok?


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