Saturday, May 5, 2012

{the simple things} at the fair

Last weekend was our first time at a local fair, a Kirmes as it's called in German. These are usually large and crowded, but this one was a nice, small and local one. We got there early and it was extremely relaxed and only got crowded by the time we left. We walked around town a bit, the brothers got some balloons.

Of course the carousels were a big hit. First, the fire engine.

Then my personal favorite, a boat on wheels.

 Luckily we had already gotten some free balloons, so we got around buying one of these giant ones.

Big brother trying his hand at dart. He was quite good and hit a few balloons. Of course the toys they got as a prize were total crap, but they were exited nonetheless. For the first visit to a fair we figured we had to try it all.

I used to love this carousel when I was little. All the planes and other flying objects that you could actually take up and down. Little brother refused to go, but big brother took a green UFO for a spin.

More crappy prizes - this time for fishing ducks.

And another carousel. With a police car.

And a fire truck.

Isn't this one cute?

The local library also sold some used books and games. I thought this old DIY book was funny - but carrying freshly baked rolls, all those crappy toys, three balloons, my camera, fresh waffles and other assorted stuff I had to think twice about any extra weight. I did get some games for the brothers though, but that's a different post.

And, finally, little brother milking a cow. Practicing for out upcoming vacation in Bavaria I think.

The real ones were still small, but so cute. And tired. Just like me.

It was a great, fun day full of simple pleasures.

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Happy Sunday!


  1. So much fun...and I love that pretend cow!

  2. Looks like such a fun day! I love the vintage carousel rides and the boys are so cute! I think the green UFO is my favorite, too. :)

  3. This looks like a great family day! Cute shots!

  4. Awww super super sweet, love all the colorful photos, fun times!

  5. Great shot! I haven't been to a fair like that in a long time. That looks like so much fun ;)


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