Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Simple DIY string lanterns

We seem to have a thing for fall lanterns here (see last year's version here). Could be something about days getting shorter and the way that makes lights glow at dusk. The urge to make your home cosy when temperatures start to drop.

In this case, we also needed a quick and simple table decoration for a neighborhood get-together this week, and preferably a low-budget version. Did you see Sophie's DIY yarn wrapped painted jars last year? I really loved the look of them, but was way too lazy for spray painting. Yep, that lazy.

What we ended up doing was to take simple large pickle jars, wrap some string around the top and then some across the lower part, wrapping some leftover leaves from big brother's homework.

There were easy and we quickly made 12 of them. Best part? They fit the bigger tea lights so they should last the evening.

Already thinking about re-using them for my Christmas table - what do you say, with stars instead of leaves maybe?

Make yourself cosy,



  1. HI Swenja! I haven't been blog reading in ages and I missed you! I love these lanterns and since I want to make some simple fall decor with the kids, these are perfect.
    As usual, you come to the rescue with great ideas.
    Happy fall!
    Love from,

  2. those are pretty swenja, i might have to try something like
    this for chrismas decor...wonder what i could use instead?

  3. Absolutely adorable! I'm happy to have stumbled on your blog; new follower now. :)

    Project Lovegood


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