Monday, October 15, 2012

{the simple things} orange? green? white? picking pumpkins

Ahhhh. Fall in New England.

Sigh. Long time ago.

I can still picture that little blond toddler running around the pumpkin field on a beautiful fall day, picking a pumpkin. The bright orange against the clear blue skies.

Just to put things into perspective: these days that little toddler is going to university. Not sure if he's still picking pumpkins.

So while that was ages ago, some things remain. Such as getting pumpkins every fall, and carving them for Halloween. Even when it seemed that nobody around here did that.

These days, my boys pick out the pumpkins. Unfortunately, there are no pumpkin patches where we live, just farms that sell pumpkins from their stands. Well, better than no pumpkins at all, if you ask me.

At least it's quite a selection of colors and shapes. We let both boys pick out a pumpkin for themselves to carve (well, the knife part is left to mommy, but they do help draw the face and scooping out the seeds), so we try to steer them away from the bigger ones.

Little brother checking out a green one.

Big brother preferred the traditional version.

It was a difficult decision, after all. So many to choose from! White? Yellow? Green? Orange? And so many shapes!

This year, I was drawn to the green ones. We had white and orange last year. That green one in the center below would make a great Frankenstein - or is that just me?

These are the ones we ended up taking home. A huge orange one for daddy, two green ones for mommy (yes, I do get two), a smaller orange for one for big brother and the white one for little brother.

Can't wait to see what kind of faces are lurking inside those innocent looking veggies... 

Where do you get your pumpkins? Any color preferences? 

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Happy Sunday!


  1. Beautiful shots! I agree with you - getting them at a stand is much better than no pumpkins at all. I love the traditional orange, but a ghost face on a white one would be SO cute!

  2. Love these pictures! Growing up, we always went to the same farm once a week during summer and fall, getting lots of yummy produce and then pumpkins and such in the fall. I haven't been this year, but my mom brought me goodies (the little decorative gourds, dried corn bundles, bittersweet) that are brightening my home. I'm hoping to get the kids somewhere to pick pumpkins soon--probably the traditional orange although I'm a big fan of the various shades of green.

  3. you have some wonderful pumpkins there!

  4. I love the variety of pumpkins! I can't wait to take my son to get some this weekend.

  5. Love all these unique pumpkins Swenja! I'd love to feature one of your photos in my roundup tomorrow!! :) Thanks for linking up.

  6. Beautiful photos! : ) I've visited several pumpkin patches with my little grandson in the last few weeks and we have already carved one pumpkin because I could not wait, ha ha...but the pumpkin patches have so many other fun activities for the children that you can do those and just buy a pumpkin at the store or you can choose to do the hayride to the field...


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