Monday, March 26, 2012

DIY vintage magnets

My fridge needed something to make it ready for Spring. And no, I'm not talking cleaning here (although it could probably use that, too). More like something pretty to hold those flyers, pictures and all the other stuff that gets put on the fridge door. My fridge door, at least.

Then I found this one day. A vintage memory game.

Way too cute to let my kids play with it. I mean, look at this one.

Or this one. I love the way he looks at you. Oh hello there.

There were birds, too.

And my favorites.

Some vintage girls, flowers and a boat.

Simple graphic ones.

Some rather famous ones.

Look at those colors!

There were even Christmas ones.

And some rather, uhm, interesting ones.

I picked my favorites, gave them a quick coat of modge podge and stuck a magnet on the back. Finally snapped a few (bad) pictures in between chopping bell peppers for dinner. All in five minutes here, ten minutes there. It didn't take long, but it felt like forever to get it done and be able to post it.

Those owls just crack me up.

My fridge isn't any more organized or clean, but it sure looks prettier now.

I also made that pen holder out of an old spice tin. So it's a little bit more organized. Maybe.

Here's to vintage toys and finding those tiny bits of time in between daily life to do tiny projects!



  1. Oh my gosh, those are absolutely incredible! Love love love, :o

  2. So, so, soooo cute!
    but you knew I'd say that, right?
    Love from,

  3. die sind super und sogar hier sind deine liebsten gelb ;)


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