Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sew cute part 1

Little brother has not been sleeping well this week. Last night he got a fever, which was gone again by the time he came over to my bed at 2am. But when I sat at my desk at work, my husband called to tell me little brother had a fever again and barfed. Lovely.

He's sleeping now, and I'm tired and can't really think straight (don't believe me? Just look at the title of this post. See? Told you).

So just a tiny little post today to show you some things I made recently. I'm really trying to learn my way around that sewing machine. Now, I don't expect to sew something complicated or frilly, but some basic things are just fine with me.

Like my new oilcloth lunch bag. Large enough to fit my water bottle, a sandwich or two and some fruit.

And two new sofa cushions to get my couch ready for spring. The black and white one on the left is from Ikea, the other two I made. I love the fabric.

What's that thing about yellow? It's been sneaking into me life. First came Noelle. Recently I bought a yellow belt. A sweater. Cardigan. And a lemony yellow blouse. And now it's starting to take over my couch. Not sure if this is scary or lovely. Well, little brother loves it!

Well, I'll obviously better go catch some sleep.



  1. ja mein kleiner mann ist leider auch krank. die hotel klima anlage hat ihn und meinen lieben mann voll erwischt. er haelt sich aber wacker und ist ganz lieb. nur die nase laeuft und laeuft und der husten erschreckt mich doch immer wieder. hoffe bei euch gehts bald wieder besser und du holst deinen schlaf nach :)

    1. warte ab bis er in den Kindergarten geht, dann gehören laufende Nasen und Husten schon fast zum Normalzustand ;) Drücke euch die Daumen, dass deine Männer bald wieder fit sind! Bei uns wird's schon langsam besser, mal sehen, was der Tag so bringt. Ich denke, wir machen erstmal einen ruhigen die nächsten Tage.

  2. Hey crafty lady!
    That bag is awesome!
    I love, love, love those pillows.
    That one with the "leaves on a stem' looks like Orla Keily.
    Is it?
    I adore it.
    And, did you see your egg carton flowers got linked?
    Happy Wednesday to you!
    Love from,

    1. Thank you! Took me literally hours staring at the very simple instructions since I could just not figure it out. It's easy though - you know, once your brain decides to function again. You could make one out of a cool vintage oilcloth tablecloth for Aarons lunch - or small ones for snacks on the go to baseball games and hikes. You know, with all that free time you have on your hands.

      And you're right, the pattern is Orla Kiely's multistem. I love it. It's not available here but I snagged some fabric via the UK's eBay. Did you see her latest range of tins for the kitchen? Oh, my. Took all the restraint I could muster not to order any. Sigh.

      Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen that before. Funny, sometimes it's the simplest things, isn't it?

  3. You are so crafty! That's a crazy cute lunchbag you made. I wish a had a need for a lunchbag just to have the excuse to make one. And those pillows! I'm more of a green, black and red person but the mister is all-white-minimalist-no-fabric-never...

  4. wow! Everything is sooo love-ly (except for the barf of course)!


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