Friday, March 30, 2012

{kid craft} Coloring clay eggs

Remember last week's clay egg ornaments? Well, the weather turned ugly on Thursday and so we found some time this week to color them after all. Little brother's fever is down, but he's still tired, cranky and not eating or sleeping well. We needed a no-brainer craft, using things we had on hand.

Like our clay ornaments. I love them. You can use any old marker to color them, no fancy paints required. Since we made quite a few, I let them color them the way they wanted.

Yellow ones, of course.

Green ones.

Pink even.

Some of little brother's creations.

Big brother made a smiling bunny.

Mommy tried making some, too. They were too much fun to leave all to the kids.

Once done, we added some thread. Big brother didn't really like that part. Little brother went off to play.

We then grabbed some simple cellophane bags and Easter grass and stuffed some inside to make a little nest for our eggs.

Some basic thick colored paper cut to size, folded over the bag's top and stapled in place. Easy. Big brother wrote names on it.

And we added stickers for decoration.

This is what my dining room table looked like. I didn't even look at my floor.

But we did get quite a few cute bunnies and egg ornaments for the kids to give to family and friends for Easter.

Apart from the smiling bunny, this simple egg with a face is my favorite.

For little kids, coloring clay eggs is way easier than the real version - plus, you don't need to figure out what to cook with all those blown-out egg yolks! We'll be giving most of these away, but we did keep some for our Easter tree. I think we'll go hunting for fresh branches on the weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Wishing you a great one - eggs or not.


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