Thursday, March 15, 2012

Of dogfish, sharks and staring contests

Looks like it's catching-up week on this little blog of mine. After posting last month's decluttering project, today I'm finally sharing a tiny little fraction of the millions of photos I took on our recent trip to SeaLife. We went on little brother's birthday since it was too cold and wet for the zoo.

I didn't expect too much from this trip, figuring it would be one of those highly commercialized experiences. But my kids love any kind of fish, so we went anyway. To my surprise, it was a lot of fun. This being a weekday morning, the place was pretty much empty and we could take our time walking (or running...) around.

Most of my photos didn't turn out too well because of the difficult light, or lack thereof. But from the few that did, some I really, really love. Like this one. Looks like diving into the ocean. Or at least what I would imagine diving into the ocean looks like.

This one is my absolute favorite, however: A staring contest between tittle brother and some strange fish (no, I don't remember the name. I could ask my boys, they know everything about fish. But the little ones are asleep, and their dad is out picking up his annual fishing license. Did I mention fish is a big thing around here?). Little brother won, by the way.

More fish. And no, I don't know what kind. I'm just the amateur photographer here, remember?

Big brother watching starfish. Apparently those are not so big around here: "Eeeewww, mommy, those are icky!". Ah. Oooookayyyy....

Then there was this little tank with the ray and the dogfish. Oh they loved the ray, who were very curious and came to see who was visiting. Hard to tell who's checking out whom here. Big brother loved the little dogfish. Which is a funny name, because in German they're called Katzenhai, catshark. Strange that it would be a dogfish in English.

Watching Nemo. Not that they've seen the movie, but at least they've seen the fish now.

I mean they are cute little guys, aren't they?

Looking out for the big shark.

Uh-oh. Sharks!!!

Much to little brother's delight, the trip ended with some french fries. He had a great time, and I loved that it wasn't crowded at all and the kids could see and reach most tanks because they were either on their level or there was something built in they could step on.

Now we're waiting for a combination of good weather and a free weekday morning to go to the zoo. But first, big brother is going fishing with daddy tomorrow. He's so excited he could hardly sleep.

I love my men.

Wishing you a great weekend,

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