Monday, March 5, 2012

Little brother's puppy birthday party

For little brother's third birthday, we just did a small birthday party for his two best buddies, who happen to be the same age as my boys. And are brothers, too. And their mom is a good friend. Makes for a very relaxed setup.

You can read more about the preparations here. On the big day, we started out with balloons. Don't you just love this happy little guy? He has little feet and happily follows his owner on a leash. "Sit!" says little brother. The little guy obeyed. Mostly. You know, unless he's blown off his cute little feet.

I also took down pictures on one wall and made decorations out of streamers and balloons. Doesn't look all that professional, but it was nice to have some extra space for goodie bags and the lanterns we made.

Oh, and I ended up getting that piñata. For decoration only though. I'll move it to little brother's room when I take the party decorations down.

Big brother and I made chocolate cookies cut out with a bone-shaped cookie cutter, to resemble our doggie biscuits. I put some of them in cellophane bags for the guests to enjoy after the party. Little brother had his the morning after the party, happily munching on them in bed. Before breakfast.

Apparently cats like them, too.

Little brother and I made chocolate-covered dog-shaped cookies last weekend when big brother was at his swimming lessons. He took these to preschool with him on Friday but we kept some for the party, too. The ones with the sprinkles, of course. (Let me know if you want the recipe, it's really simple.)

So we ended up with a nice cookie platter for the party. And yes, they managed to eat most of that between the four of them!

But the best part were the dog food muffins. My favorite chocolate muffin recipe, glazed with some molten chocolate and chocolate cereal stuck on top.

Looks like dog food, doesn't it?

I put a bath towel on the floor and let my little puppies (wearing their homemade felt doggie ears, of course) eat their dog food like real dogs do. From brand new dog bowls. They had a blast.

The birthday dog having his cake.

This is what I used for obedience school, we played sit, fetch and such. I didn't get too many pictures of that, but it was fun. The little puppies went fetching balls one by one and got a gummy bear for bringing the ball back. I could have done this for hours probably, except I sort of ran out of commands to practice. Should have done some more research here! They got that little laminated heart around their neck for completing obedience school.

Our last activity was decorating felt collars for their stuffed dogs. I made the collars out of white felt with some velcro to close them, and I had stick-on stones and little bells for them to glue and sew on!

I have a bunch of thick blunt needles so the big boys could sew without hurting themselves. They did an amazing job.

Some of the finished collars.

Don't they look cute?

No more planned activities after that, we just had the boys run around, bark, play dogs - and Playmobil, kitchen and pretty much every other toy we own, which of course all ended up on the floor. But they were good doggies and picked it all up before we had doggie shaped cucumbers and bone-shaped sandwiches for dinner.

I think we're doing a cat party next!



  1. Really one of the cutest parties I've seen.
    I was laughing out loud at them eating from the dog food bowls.
    What a fun party! What a fun mom!
    Great job!!!
    Love from,

    1. Yep, that was everyone's favorite part -and the easiest, too. It wasn't even half as messy as I thought, so we might repeat that for the cat party...

      Thank you!

  2. YOu are so so good at this stuff, and I love how you incorporated the paper lanterns you made a while ago into the party decor! Really great, how cute!!!

  3. ja so langsam mach ich mir auch gedanken um die erste feier. wird aber glaub ich mehr was fuer uns eltern als fuer den kleinen ;)

    1. Ich denk auch... Wir haben ja die Tradition, an den eigentlichen Geburtstagen einen Ausflug zu machen und dann vielleicht noch nachmittags/abends die Großeltern einzuladen, die Kinderparty ist dann an einem anderen Tag. Irgendwie denke ich immer, es ist ja ihr Geburtstag und vielleicht haben sie mehr Spass im Zoo als Kaffeetrinken mit Oma...

      Beim ersten ist es natürlich super, Mama kann sich so richtig austoben und dein Kleiner wird begeistert sein (oder brüllen, weil alles zuviel ist, auch schon gehabt...).

      Viel Spass beim Planen! (was hat man eigentlich vor Pinterest gemacht?!)



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